The power of immunity in the time of Covid


We hear a lot recently about antibodies – who has them, how we get them and whether they protect us from Covid-19.
But there’s an equally effective form of protection against all viruses that we hear less about and that is healthy T-cells, which come with a strong immune system.​

T-cells are one of the important white blood cells of the human immune system and play a central role in the adaptive immune response. This response can determine whether we shake off the virus with few symptoms or become seriously ill.

A healthy human immune system really can protect against or quickly shake off coughs, colds, flu and even hitherto unknown viruses.

Fresh air, exercise, sunshine, community, human connection and a reduction of stress all work to boost immunity – but these are much less available to us right now. Plus the weather is often cold and grey in our northern winter.


So it’s more important than ever to boost our immunity with essential vitamins and minerals. Basic daily requirements in the time of Covid are vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc. Use a food-state product if you can.

Your immune system also benefits from specific enhancement with tried and tested medicinal herbs.

​For a real kickstart, our Immune Charge herbal formula quickly increases immunity and strongly stimulates better energy in the body with continuing improvements over time.

​Taken daily as a ‘power up’, this formula can give a real lift, enhancing cognitive ability as well as protecting strength and immune function. It stimulates red and white blood cell counts and promotes blood and oxygen circulation.

The formula synergises herbs with the purest fulvic acid and Shilajit, which has been used as a powerful dietary supplement for thousands of years in Asia. And it’s also available with added CBD for enhanced effect.

For steady immune protection over time, our Resist formula is inspired by the traditional Chinese herb combination with the wonderful name of ‘Jade Windscreen’ or Yu Ping Feng San.
​Why this name? Because ancient doctors of Chinese medicine found that the formula created a ‘solid screen to protect your body.’ Two capsules twice a day is all it takes to maintain healthy immunity and T-cells.

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