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How herbal remedies help shake off stubborn infections

​Daffodils and snowdrops nod sweetly to the hopeful promise of spring. But still the last weeks of winter can seem to drag, especially if you have a stubborn, lingering infection. ​This may be considered a minor ailment but can have a major impact on your wellbeing. In this article I explain exactly how a combination

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Covid, chronic disease and herbs

We live in a high tech world and yet every year more and more people suffer from chronic and infectious diseases. Now, the strange virus known as Covid -19 has literally changed all our lives – and is especially affecting those who have chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. ​ Have you wondered why chronic

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Focus on: Fu Ling

​In Chinese Herbal Medicine, this root is known as Fu Ling – 茯苓 – and it’s a wild white fungus found on the roots of the Japanese red pine. The herb is widely cultivated in Yunnan, Hubei, Anhui, and Sichuan provinces of China, and commonly included in teas and soups for a warm and healthy

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Herbs at home: Ginger

In Chinese medicine, Ginger  – 生姜 or Sheng Jiang – is a common ingredient in many healing herbal formulas – and you’ve probably got a jar of it on your spice rack right now. Ginger is a wonderful herb –  not only does it taste great in whatever recipe you originally bought the jar for, it’s also one of

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TCM and you: Your fertility journey

In a perfect world, conceiving a child when a couple is ready should be a straightforward matter. But according to studies, 12 to 15 per cent of couples are unable to conceive due to fertility issues after a year of having unprotected sex Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has transitioned from an “alternative therapy” to a

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TCM vs Western Medicine: What do I need to know?

Generally speaking, Western Medicine certainly has its benefits and is good for treating acute illness while Chinese Medicine is good for treating chronic illness or general health. But there are three things that Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer you that – for the most part – Western Medicine doesn’t. TCM treats the mind , body

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