Smooth Digestive Energy

Creating optimal digestive flow

To maintain good health, our body needs to assimilate and benefit from nutrients in the food we consume, and this formula helps to ensure that nutrients do not pass undigested and unused.

The herbs are chosen to combine and sharpen digestion, regulate the assimilation process and relieve bloating.

This herbal formula can also relieve uncomfortable pressure and spikes or cramps after eating, restore energy through tonics, improve digestion and ensure efficient assimilation of nutrients.

Because of the gut brain –mind brain association, when we harmonise and strengthen the digestion, we reduce emotional stress on the whole body. Restored natural peristalsis and improved digestive energy create that contented feeling of well satisfied digestion!

Some herbs in this formula are chosen to warm and smooth digestive flow, dry dampness and resolve unwanted bacterial colonies that cause inflammation. They include Grains of Paradise Fruit and Wood Aromatic Root, while the function of Buddha’s Hand and Magnolia Bark is to smooth qi and regulate peristalsis.

For balancing energy and increasing the strength of the stomach function, we include Codonopsis Root and Chinese Angelica Root. Finally, the amazing Sophora root, whose health benefits for digestion – and even anticancer and antiviral effects- have been known for centuries and confirmed by modern pharmacology. 

Why use this formula?

  • Strengthen the natural digestive process
  • For long-term use
  • Improves digestion​
  • Relieves bloating
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Zero waste packaging
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