Metabolism Management

For improving metabolism and weight management

Many of us seek to lose weight and herbs are a natural, healthy choice to support that aim holistically and sustainably. In our Metabolism Management formula, we use restorative herbs to strengthen the natural digestive process, harmonising and regulating smooth digestive flow.

The combined effect aids long term healthy weight loss by rebuilding a better digestive capacity and better management of fluid and fat metabolism. Achieving this healthy balance creates a slow and strong foundation to avoid fast weight loss follow by rebound and weight gain.

The ‘yoyo’ effect can happen when short term sacrifices of food intake weaken the body. When the strict diet is changed then the body’s ability to absorb and distribute nutrients becomes limited and it can no longer efficiently absorb even small amounts of food.

This natural herbal formula helps to improve digestive capacity, assimilate fat and reduce body fluids. Herbs that encourage movement by warming and transforming the peristalsis include Grains of Paradise Fruit, Hawthorn Fruit, Safflower and Dried Ginger.

Water Plantain is added for water metabolism and draining, while Coix Seeds and Polyporus are both water moving and immune enhancing to the digestion. Finally, Snow Lotus and Buddha’s Hand encourage healthy movement and strengthening of the system.

Can be used alone as part of a weight loss programme or for longer term management after a short kick start from Metabolism Booster formula. 

Why use this formula?

  • Strengthen the natural digestive process
  • For long-term use
  • Aids long term healthy weight loss​
  • Can be used as part of a weight loss programme
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Zero waste packaging
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