Metabolism Booster

For a short term metabolism power up

Many of us seek to lose weight and herbs are a natural, healthy choice to support that aim.

Both our Metabolism Booster and Metabolism Management formulas blend the best of nature’s favourite herbs to help with the control of fluids, swelling and passing food, so speeding metabolism.

Stomach and digestion become strong and healthy without leaving the body lacking in vital nutrients and energy.

Short cut and ‘sacrifice’ methods of weight loss so often weaken the body’s energy and digestion, with detrimental effect.

The natural process of separating nutritional good from bad in foods becomes less efficient and weight gain can easily happen – even when we are not eating very much.

Some purging herbs are used in this formula to really get things moving. They include Rhubarb Root, Cannabis Seed, Plantago Seeds and Senna Leaf, all for a short term kick start to get a sluggish digestion going and body fluids moving.

However, purging herbs used alone or for too long can have a detrimental effect, so this formula also contains supportive and strengthening herbs to help achieve balance and avoid any damage that might have been caused by purging herbs alone.

Supportive herbs include Buddha’s Hand, Magnolia Bark, Liquorice Root and Snow lotus, while Codonopsis Root acts to strengthen the system.

Finally, Mallow seeds help to promote circulation and balance body fluids, ease distension and moisten intestines.
This formula can be used for a short term power up. Follow label instructions carefully and when balance is achieved, take our Metabolism Management formula for longer term healthy weight loss.

Why use this formula?

  • Kickstart your metabolism
  • For short-term use
  • Contains supportive herbs to care for the body
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Zero waste packaging
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