Herbal Throat Formula

Often, an oncoming cold is announced by a scratchy throat. This is because when a cold has entered the body, it creates a second layer of infection and inflammation that reaches the throat. Then, we experience a continual sharp pain, a very red throat and possibly aching in the glands. All accompanied by feeling generally ‘under the weather’.

​Our Herbal Throat Formula combines herbs that work together to target the heat and soreness in the throat. They also give the immune system a much needed boost to clear the heat that will be occurring internally at this stage. 

This approach reflects the ability of herbal medicine to facilitate a natural healing process by creating a balanced internal environment. Energy circulates more freely, strength is boosted and the infection loosens its hold.

Natural strategies to help relieve a sore throat whilst taking the herbs include:

  • Sip or gargle with honey and lemon in hot water
  • Gargle frequently with salt water
  • Drink plenty of liquids, including water and clear chicken or Miso soup
  • Rest as much as possible
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