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Our bodies possess the natural intelligence to heal – given the right conditions. Medicinal herbs are the oldest form of medicine, tested over generations, refined for the modern age and proven effective by science. Today, as more people seek natural remedies for their ailments, the healing benefits of herbs are rediscovered.

Formula Remedies

Expert Herbalist

Many single herbs have healing power, but when several are combined in a multi-herbal formula, they create a synergy that becomes immensely more effective. Our expert herbalist has selected formula herbal mixes proven to help a range of common conditions.

Matthew Jackson

Our herbalist

Matthew trained in Chinese herbal medicine at the London Academy of Oriental Medicine and studied for eight months in Nanjing, China alongside renowned professors. Now, with years of experience as a practitioner in Somerset, he is passionate about using his expertise to help more people regain good health​.

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Our herbal formulas are expertly designed to address specific health issues. We’ve made it easy to research your condition and see detailed contents of the relevant tried and tested formula. You’ll have full instructions for taking the herbs and benefit from our great customer service.​
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