Immune Charge

Immune Charge

The herbs in this formula have been chosen not only to strongly stimulate better energy in the body but also to quickly increase immunity.

You might say they not only give a real kickstart or biohack for the system but also continue improvements over time.

​Taken daily as a ‘power up’, this formula can give a real lift, enhancing cognitive ability as well as protecting strength and immune function.

As in all our formulas, individual herbs are combined for enhanced effect. They include Panax ginseng, Salvia root and Codonopsis root, which stimulates red and white blood cell counts and promotes blood and oxygen circulation, as well as increasing energy.

The formula synergises herbs with the purest fulvic acid and Shilajit, which has been used as a powerful dietary supplement for thousands of years in Asia.

Why use this formula?

  • Long term support for strong, balanced immunity & adrenal function
  • Enhances cognitive ability
  • Stimulates red and white blood cell counts
  • Promotes blood and oxygen circulation
  • Increases energy
  • Contains Fulvic Avid
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