Herbal Sinus Formula

Chronic sinusitis is a common problem for both adults and children. Anyone who suffers knows the misery of excess catarrh, being unable to breathe freely – especially at night – and aching tenderness in cheekbones and forehead.

​Conventional medicine generally offers little relief, as antibiotics are not considered effective and nasal sprays can’t be used for more than a few days.

Our Herbal Sinus Formula targets the accumulation of phlegm gathering in the sinuses, strengthens the stomach and increases the ability for transforming mucus and clearing passages.

This formula could also be used for hayfever symptoms and, if taken longer term, can help prepare for the coming bother of the summer months.

Natural strategies to help relieve sinuses whilst taking the herbs include:

  • Breathe steam with towel over head for five minutes at least twice daily
  • Rinse the nostrils with tepid boiled salt water, ideally using a Neti pot
  • Apply a warm flannel to cheeks and forehead
  • Use a natural menthol and eucalyptus inhaler
  • Try to calm stress and emotional distress, perhaps through meditation
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