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​Expert Herbalist “ ​Plant based medicines have been used for thousands of years in prevention,
maintenance and recovery to health. Much can be achieved when healer and patient work together
in harmony with nature."

Herbal Remedies

About our herbs

Healthy plants are good for your health, so our herbs are stringently and ethically sourced. Our formulas contain only superior quality herbs, with no additives, combining plants with time tested knowledge and expertise.
​We ensure high quality through:

Committed to our planet

Our herbal formulas come in recyclable packaging, which is free from plastic.

​As much as 80% of our medicinal herbs are gathered respectfully from the wild.  This protects the environment by conserving areas of natural vegetation and avoiding the need for diverting water resources.  It also supports the livelihood of communities in source countries, allowing them to continue a traditional relationship with the natural world. 

The ‘nature’ of the herbs

You’ll see that our herbal formula descriptions mention the ‘nature’ of the herbs contained in them, such as heating or cooling.  

These days we are familiar with beneficial food plants being measured for their nutritional value – and some have become Superfoods.  (Interestingly, those plants used in herbal medicine for thousands of years actually include some of our modern Superfoods.) But traditionally, medicinal plants were understood more for the ‘nature’ they possess. 

This nature might cool the body, reducing inflammation, or heat it to help digestion. Other natures, like pungent or sweet, stimulate other specific actions, like dispersing infection and building strength. ‘Nature’ simply describes how the herbs work to naturally bring the body’s health back into balance.

Matthew Jackson,
Expert Herbalist

Traditional Chinese Medicine expert and Osteopath, Matthew Jackson has launched the UK’s first range of Chinese herbal formulations for modern health problems.

The Expert Herbalist range harnesses the ancient wisdom of the East, where herbal medicine has been used for centuries to heal the body and promote a healthy long life.

Matthew comes from a medical family but felt drawn to a more natural approach to health and optimal wellness. His studies have taken him to the Himalayas where he began a 4-year monastic training and China, where he studied herbal medicine and acupuncture, working in hospitals alongside leading Chinese doctors.

In the UK, Matt studied at the London School of Oriental Medicine and the London School of Osteopathy.

It was during his studies in the Far East that Matthew saw the role of herbal medicine in the everyday health and wellness of people. He saw that using herbal remedies was powerful and effective without the side-effects of many modern drugs.

Matthew has created the Expert Herbalist range to offer people the benefits of herbal medicine in a way that is convenient and easy to use. He has created combinations of herbs that work synergistically and are safe for regular use.

The Expert Herbalist range is the result of Matthew’s 25 year’s experience and he is passionate about helping people to have access to these powerful herbal remedies so they can live a happier, healthier long life.

Matthew Jackson BSc (Hons) Ost, Dip Ac/CHM (China), Pg Dip CHM (OB/GYN), Pg Cert US (MSK) MRCHM, BMUS

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