Herbal Cough Formula

Ongoing coughs seem to be a frequent problem with the illnesses of today. Many people experience a chronic, annoying cough that drags on, sometimes for weeks. 

Sometimes the cough occurs alone, other times it follows a cold or even develops as a residual cough – either dry or chesty – after using antibiotics. This is because the pathogen can become locked into the lung by the medication and is not freely released.
Our Herbal Cough Formula is designed to help people suffering from persistent coughs, both dry and chesty. The combination of herbs acts to gently nourish the dry and tired lung, restoring strength and prompting the lung to overcome its spasms and irritations. The formula also boosts the immune system to help restore health and strength.

Helpful strategies whilst taking the formula:

  • Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated, including chamomile tea with honey
  • Cover your nose and mouth whenever your cough or sneeze
  • Wash hands frequently and keep home surfaces, phone and keyboard clean
  • Gargle with salt water before bed and elevate your head during the night
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