Regulate Blood Pressure

Regulate Blood Pressure

Hypertension – raised blood pressure – is a common chronic condition that can lead to several health problems. Of course, exercise and diet are important factors in regulating blood pressure but studies have shown that turmeric, with its active compound of curcumin, can improve blood pressure, especially when taken over a long period of time.

Turmeric, with its strong anti-inflammatory properties, can prevent damage to arteries, which helps to keep hypertension at bay. It can also prevent platelet changes that may lead to blood clots and can relax blood vessels, so allowing optimum natural function of the whole system.

​In this formula Turmeric is combined with, among other herbs, Japanese knotweed, which contains vitamins, minerals and the 
antioxidant Resveratrol.

This formula is designed to be taken long term as a lifestyle choice. It is ideal for anyone who wants keep blood pressure within a healthy range and those with moderate hypertension who cannot tolerate or choose not to take prescription drugs. We have used this formula in our clinic to help many patients lower their blood pressure, with satisfying results.

Why use this formula?

  • Long term reduction of blood pressure and better health
  • Prevents damage to arteries
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and a powerful antioxidant
  • Designed to be taken long term as a lifestyle choice
  •  Ideal if you cannot tolerate or choose not to take prescription drugs
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