Prostate Protection

Prostate Protection

Prostatitis and prostate cancer are major causes of ill health for men and seem to be occurring at an earlier stage of life these days.

In this area, prevention is massively better than cure, so it really does make sense to proactively maintain a healthy prostate gland.

Fortunately several herbs have actions that are effective at doing this naturally and without unwanted side effects. This formula combines herbs that work together to benefit mens’ health in general and prostate health in particular.

Saw palmetto, a plant from the Amazon, has become well known for its ability to protect the prostate. African plum tree is also used, along with nettle root, as both are known for their anti-inflammatory and health giving properties for men.

Panax Notoginseg is a valuable addition that usually commands a high price. It acts as a guide in encouraging the herbs to penetrate deeply into the tissues, giving them vital nourishment, allowing healing and a smooth flow.

The formula also combines medicinal mushrooms that benefit mens’ health, notably Reishi and Shitake. Japanese knotweed is added as a source of natural Resveratrol.

​Peach kernel has anti cancer and blood activating properties and Blushred Rabdosia is famous for both anti-tumour actions and promoting a long life. The formula is designed to be taken long term as a lifestyle choice.

Why use this formula?

  • Natural support for a healthy prostate gland​
  • Benefits mens’ health in general
  • Designed to be taken long term as a lifestyle choice
  • Letter-box friendly packaging
  • Cruelty-free product
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