Lungs Little Helper

Lungs Little Helper

This formula is a powerful mix of herbs that nourish & protect from lung infections and strengthen long term immunity. It is designed to help recovery from stubborn and chronic lung conditions, such as those that often linger after people have suffered from Covid-19.

Herbs that nourish and strengthen the lungs are blended with herbs that cultivate energy, restore function and clear mucus. Working together, they optimise lung function and recovery from both dry lung with breathlessness and lungs with phlegm, mucus and fluids – also recovery from dry, sore throat.

As well as familiar herbs including Astragalus and Liquorice, this formula contains herbs like Know Mother Root and White Mulberry Bark, which are widely used in Chinese medicine to purge the heat of infection, clear phlegm and promote ‘yin’ energy.

Take as instructed and if signs of infection reoccur, we advise considering a more specific formula in our range such as Resist IllnessThroat or Cough. Then restart this formula when recuperating from the illness to promote a speedy, nourishing recovery.

​A maintenance dose taken for about six weeks can also protect against reinfection.

Why use this formula?

  • Help recovery from stubborn and chronic lung conditions
  • Useful to those living with Long Covid
  • Supports long-term immunity
  • Aids in breathlessness
  • Can help recovery from dry, sore throats
  • Works in tandem with our other products
  • Encourages a speedy, nourishing recovery
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