Osteoporosis Care

Osteoporosis Care

Osteoporosis is the thinning of bone, due to a net loss of calcium and bone mineral density.

This formula combines herbs that improve osteoblast activity – making cells that form new bone – and herbs that reduce osteoclast activity.  Osteoclasts dissolve bone mineral, which is less helpful for anyone with osteoporosis.

Many of the herbs have been demonstrated to stimulate the regrowth of bone production. They include Boneknit Root (Rhizoma Drynariae), which is known to result in increased bone cell viability – and also to help heal fractures quickly.

2012 study of Chinese Herbal Medicine for osteoporosis reviewed a number of randomised controlled trials and concluded that Chinese herbs substantially increased bone mineral density of the lumbar spine compared to placebo or anti-osteoporotic drugs when used over 12 months.

This balanced formula can be taken over a long term at a low dose to nourish existing bone health and improve the bones’ ability to lay down better structure, so slowing the loss of bone density.

​It can be used with conventional bone density medication or as an alternative when such medications are not chosen or cannot be tolerated.

Why use this formula?

  • Management of osteoporosis and support for bone health
  • Includes herbs that improve osteoblast activity and reduce osteoclast activity.
  • Increases bone cell viability 
  • Helps heal fractures quickly.
  • Nourishes existing bone health
  • Slows the loss of bone density
  • Can be used with conventional bone density medication 
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