Raynaud’s Relief

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For better circulation, warm hands and feet.

This formula is based on one developed by a 90 year old western and Chinese doctor who was an expert at treating autoimmune conditions. He developed this over many years of work integrating western and Chinese medicine.

Raynauds can be primary or secondary (which may be associated with a condition like lupus). This formula is for primary, which does not have that complication. Since Raynauds is a degeneration of the blood vessels, which go into spasm and can’t get blood to all areas, it works to relax the vessels and get the blood to move. The herbs repair spasm and damage to blood vessels, warm circulation and ensure that blood gets carried to the peripheries. Cinnamon Twigs and Horny Goat Weed are particularly warming.

Rice Paper Plant Pith helps to carry the blood and make repairs. Interestingly, the plant looks like a blood vessel – a reed with the pith inside.

I have conducted a trial in clinic with this formula, with great success. Patients took 2-4 capsules a day for a year and by the end had no sign of Raynaud’s and didn’t even have to wear gloves in cold weather. Best to start taking before the winter but also suitable to take all through the winter months.

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