Herbal Abscess ​Formula

Herbal Abscess Formula

 Abscesses can form in external or internal locations in the body. External abscesses can occur when the immune system acts to protect the body against foreign objects, such as a splinter or bacteria. White blood cells create pus and swelling inside a capsule of dead tissue. 

Internal abscesses can be caused by appendicitis or can form in the anus or vagina. They are very dangerous to try and treat at home because of the risk of sepsis, so it is essential to seek medical advice.
Our Herbal Abscess Formula is suitable for tooth abscess or skin infections and cuts that develop an abscess. This strong formula contains very ‘cold’ herbs that help the body calm the ‘fire’ associated when an abscess occurs. For tooth abscesses, we recommend short term high doses for optimal efficacy. For longer term use, we advise consulting a professional herbalist.

If you have Mastitis:

  • Continue to breast-feed, so the affected side drains
  • Keep the unaffected side from becoming too full
  • Try to massage or apply a hot flannel to the affected area or warm shower
  • Drink plenty of fluids and rest
  • Ask a midwife or health visitor if worried
  • Carefully follow the instructions for taking the herbal formula
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