Inflammation Arthritis

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For hot swollen joint pain and inflammation

This is our version of a formula that was developed by a 90 year old Western and Chinese doctor who had become an expert at treating autoimmune conditions, especially inflammatory arthritis (also known as Rheumatoid arthritis). He developed this expertise over many years of work integrating Western and Chinese medicine.

To relieve inflammatory arthritis, the priorities are to ‘cool’ the heat of inflammation and drain fluid from swellings, so this formula contains several herbs of a ‘cold’ nature with the ability to drain fluid. Turmeric is a renowned anti-inflammatory and, in the Chinese tradition, we have the ability to use various parts of the Turmeric plant. The bark, root and rhizome all have different qualities that can move and regulate blood, which is the main way to control and relieve pain.

This formula also contains Descurainia (sacred lotus) and Sophora root, cold herbs that efficiently drain. Radish seed, being slightly acrid, cuts through and transforms damp and helps with pain.

Rhemania and Peony are usually used for cough to release sputum and in this formula they work in a similar way to cool inflammation and drain joints. Baikal Skullcap Root is included to reduce the effects on inflammation flare up due to stress and to support a healthy gut, since there are many links between gut flora, stress and inflammation arthritis.

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