Back Pain Relief

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To relieve back pain

Back pain – especially in the lower back – is miserable and as movement reduces, the muscles become stiffer and harder to function. The cause can be mechanical, as in ‘putting the back out’, a weakness that is congenital or general lack of strength to hold yourself and support our structure. In Chinese medicine terms, we are more likely to put our back out if our ancestral Qi is not strong.

This formula contains herbs to strengthen the lower back, including Teasel Root and Eucommia Bark, which is a Yang tonic and strengthens bones. Mulberry Mistletoe Stems are also very nourishing to help repair back issues.

Spatholobus root and vine are blood moving and so nourishing for repair. Siberian Ginseng transforms dampness and the stagnation caused by lack of movement and helps relieve spasm. Corydalis also transforms stasis and relieves pain, while Cinnamon Twig helps to carry the herbs where they are needed and cut through into deep areas.

This traditional formula is suitable for helping to reverse a long term problem and avoiding too many painkillers, which simply mask the pain. As an osteopath, I love this formula because it can strengthen the back in the same way that I would when working manually on the body.

Suitable to take after childbirth but only after breastfeeding is finished and best to get the advice of a herbalist. Not suitable during pregnancy.

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