Natural Healing

“ ​Just as water has a natural propensity to flow, life has an innate and extraordinary power to heal, grow and regenerate. Our contribution is simply to provide the environmental framework where nature can comfortably do what it does best.... Live life"

The benefits of Natural Healing

Natural healing with herbal medicines has been practised worldwide for thousands of years – for prevention, maintenance and recovery to health. Yet nature’s potential to keep us healthy has become neglected, partly due to the expense of medical trials, which favours profitable pharmaceuticals.

Now, holistic approaches to health are once again sought after. Clean and pure water, food that is organic and free from pesticides, along with exercise, good rest, down time and an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude all contribute to a healthy life. But when challenges do occur, the gentle, natural approach of herbs can often correct and maintain good health.

Herbs give few or no side effects. They are a safe alternative to modern pharmaceuticals or can be taken alongside them. Herbal medicine can help with: 

  • chronic, long-term conditions
  • acute illness
  • disease resistance
  • fine-tuning better health
  • boosting the immune system​

​Science and herbs

Humans share a synergistic relationship with plants. Science constantly draws on the natural world in search of solutions to many of the mysteries of health and to find present day and future cures.

Modern scientific research is now confirming the collective knowledge and historically recorded benefits of herbalism. So we are in a time of abundant opportunity to confidently celebrate the healing power of plant medicines. 

This confidence increases our passion for making these expert discoveries available as safe, effective herbal formulas.

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Herbal remedies for common infections

Our bodies house a delicate balance of bacteria and viruses that protect and collaborate with our systems. When the balance is disturbed, the body tries to reset and inflammation occurs, creating heat and depleting white blood cells as they work to eliminate unwanted bacteria. This is infection. 

Antibiotics were once a ‘miracle cure’ but their overuse has created resistance, so we need a new approach. Certain berries, herbs and other ‘super plants’ have long been known to prompt the body to protect itself and produce more white blood cells.

A strong immune system resists infection. If exhausted, stressed or over-protected from foreign invasions, the system becomes weak. 

When our system is in ‘flow’, any change easily rectifies itself. If one area becomes too wet or too dry, then too hot or too cold, the adaptation process can share and compensate. We call this smooth flow ‘healthy’ while the east equates it to natural energy or ‘qi’. 
Herbal formulas for infections are selected to:

  • Resist and clear unwanted bacteria 
  • Rebalance the natural system
  • Restore immunity and smooth flow of health​

Our infection formulas are in five categories. Discover more

Our herbs are carefully sourced from specialist growers and suppliers who are dedicated to consistency, efficacy, safety and quality.

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