Herbal Resist ​Formula

Herbal Resist for strong immunity

The last 15 years has seen a 65%* increase globally in the use of antibiotics.

​Now it’s clear that the more antibiotics are used, the more they are resisted by the very microbes they should be fighting.
If we cannot rely on antibiotics to fight infection, then it’s wise to take preventive measures by boosting your immune system.

This creates well-being that defends against illness and avoids us becoming run down or dogged by colds, coughs and recurring infections.
Our Herbal Resist Formula contains a combination of herbs designed to nourish the body and balance its internal environment.  

​This means that air and energy – what the Chinese call qi – circulate freely and infection can fight to take hold.

Our Resist formula is inspired by the traditional ‘Jade Windscreen’ formula or Yu Ping Feng San. 

​Why is this herbal combination called Jade Windscreen? It’s because ancient doctors of Chinese medicine thought the formula formed “a solid screen to protect your body.”

 It’s one of the strongest forms of immunity defense that has been used for over 750 years and remains of the most popular formulas across Asia still to this day – in fact, Chinese authorities relied on this herbal combination during the 2003 outbreak of SARS. 

​This formula is designed to keep illness at bay.

If you’re already suffering from an infection has taken hold, please try our Sinus, Throat or Cough herbal formula instead. 

How to take our Herbal Resist Formula:

  • 2 capsules twice a day provides a good maintenance dose to boost immunity
  • If an infection is taking hold, fight it off with an increased dose of up to 8 capsules twice or three times a day​​
  • If you’re a hay fever sufferer, you can take our herbal Resist formula from early in the season to boost resistance.

* NHS article citing research from Klein EY, Van Boeckel TP, Martinez EM, et al. Global increase and geographic convergence in antibiotic consumption between 2000 and 2015. PNAS. Published online March 26 2018

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