Herbal Mastitis​ Formula

Herbal Mastitis Formula

Breast feeding is hugely beneficial to the health of both mother and baby – but challenges can occur. Up to three in ten* mothers may develop mastitis, when the breast tissue usually becomes painful and inflamed. 

Mastitis may cause discharge from the nipple and, if symptoms progress, mothers experience a high temperature, chills and tiredness.

Mastitis sometimes occurs in women who are not breast-feeding, when bacteria enter the milk ducts to cause infection.

Our herbal formula for mastitis combines herbs to target local inflammation and infection with others that address systemic symptoms of fever, like myalgia and chills.

​This combination of plant-based formula should be taken at a high dose until symptoms have resolved – usually a few days. We then recommend a lower dose for a further 7-10 days to support optimal health and strengthen the immune system.

If you have Mastitis:

  • Continue to breast-feed, so the affected side drains
  • Keep the unaffected side from becoming too full
  • Try to massage or apply a hot flannel to the affected area or warm shower
  • Drink plenty of fluids and rest
  • Ask a midwife or health visitor if worried
  • Carefully follow the instructions for taking the herbal formula

* Foxman B, D’Arcy H, Gillespie B, Bobo JK, Schwartz K. Lactation mastitis: occurrence and medical management among 946 breastfeeding women in the United States. Am J Epidemiol. 2002;155(2):103–14

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