CBD Longevity

CBD Longevity

The regenerative actions of certain herbs for cells, DNA and general health can lead to rejuvenation and increased zest for life.

This formula contains chaga, reishi and coriolus mushrooms, long heralded for their ability to invigorate health, reduce free radicals, increase natural killer cells, protect from cancer and aid recovery from disease.

A novel antiviral compound has been isolated from these mushrooms, which modulates the immune system and protects DNA from damage through contact with free radicals. It also enhances sexual virility in woman and older men.

Another ingredient is the amazing Longan fruit, also known as ‘dragon’s eyeball’ and widely used in oriental medicine for its many health benefits – especially anti-aging.

Regular consumption often leads to more abundant energy, treats insomnia, reduces memory loss and stimulates blood circulation.

Longan fruit can also boost heart health, improve eye function, bring glowing skin, alleviate stress and increase sexual drive.

To powerfully enhance its effectiveness, this formula synergises herbs with Shilajit supplement, the purest fulvic acid & the purest CBD Isolate. It is also available without added CBD.

Why use this formula?

  • Leads to rejuvenation and increased zest for life.
  • Contains chaga, reishi and coriolus mushrooms
  • Invigorate health and reduce free radicals
  • Enhances sexual virility in woman and older men.
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Boosst heart health
  • Also available without CBD
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