CBD Gummy Bears

CBD Gummy Bears

 If you’re looking for the benefits of CBD oil but the cuteness of a teddy, these CBD-infused Gummy Bears  are both an adorable and fruity way to get your daily dose of CBD.

These bears look just like sweets, so they’re great if you want guaranteed doses of canabinidiol without having to answer questions about why you’re taking supplements. 

They’re also ideal for anyone who has difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, or doesn’t like the taste of CBD in Virgin Hemp Oil

Our CBD Gummy Bears contain 94 per cent pure CBD distillate, with no THC, so they do not cause psychoactive effects and are legal to buy and take. 

If you have Mastitis:

  • Continue to breast-feed, so the affected side drains
  • Keep the unaffected side from becoming too full
  • Try to massage or apply a hot flannel to the affected area or warm shower
  • Drink plenty of fluids and rest
  • Ask a midwife or health visitor if worried
  • Carefully follow the instructions for taking the herbal formula
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