CBD Digestive Tonic

CBD Digestive Tonic

This gentle and effective tonic contains a range of herbs that are able to improve digestion and reverse a leaky gut by reducing inflammation – or any propensity to inflammation – improving gut motility and promoting healthy gut flora.

Herbs in this formula include Forsythia Fruit, known for clearing toxins in the digestive system; Magnolia bark, traditionally used to treat digestive problems from bloating to diarrhea and soothing Liquorice Root.
aken regularly, the formula can regulate and harmonise digestive function and facilitate the smooth flowing, optimum environment for a healthy natural microbiome.

The biome is increasingly recognised as a vital factor in many aspects of general health. and harnessing the added benefits that fulvic acid with shilajit, pure fulvic acid and CBD pure isolate

This formula synergises herbs with naturally probiotic Shilajit, the purest fulvic acid and CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate – pure CBD powder processed from filtered and winterised CBD oil (each vegi capsule contains 5mg of pure CBD isolate). It is also available without added CBD.

Why use this formula?

  • Naturally relieve digestive problems
  • Contains CBD
  • Promotes a healthy gut
  • Regulate and harmonise digestive function
  • Includes Fulvic Acid and Shilajit
  • ​Also available without CBD.
  • Cruelty-free product
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