CBD Anxiety Mastery

CBD Anxiety Mastery

Anxiety and stress are an almost universal experience of human life in our modern world. This formula is designed to gently, naturally, allow the plant world to bring us soothing relief.

The lotus plant has long been heralded for its spiritual symbolism, rising as it does from muddy depths to produce a magnificent flower.

Lotus pumules is the life seed at the start of this journey, with its elements of calm, forbearance, tolerance – and the seed of strength for the peaceful flowering of our mind.

We harness the powerful Lotus seed and blend it with the Buddha’s hand herb to regulate and de-stress the mind. Thorowax root can also help to manage stress and pent up feelings, calming the ‘heat’ and emotions that arise from the upper body and head. Gardina fruit, in turn, clears frustration and calms the spirit.

We like to see these herbs as clearing the mind, prompting compassion and bringing an elevated perspective. All this enables better management of mood and experience of life.

All the herbs contained in this formula can, in Chinese terms, regulate liver qi and clear heat from pent up emotions, creating a calming effect in the mind and body.

​To powerfully enhance this process, the herbs are synergised with the purest CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate – pure CBD powder processed from filtered and winterised CBD oil.

Why use this formula?

  • Long term natural reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Clears the mind
  • Synergised with the purest CBD (Cannabidiol) isolate
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Letterbox-friendly 
  • ​Zero waste packaging
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